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About your table

It's the timber we use that makes our tables different. The majority of timber we sell - and use to make furniture - comes from trees which have been felled in and around London. Without us, most of these trees would be chipped and burned, their embodied carbon released back into the atmosphere.

Many wooden tables you can buy elsewhere are made from imported timber. Indeed, over 90% of hardwood used in the UK comes from abroad. In some cases, that's fine. We just think it's crazy to be destroying beautiful trees which have grown up around us in the city. So we rescue them and turn them into gorgeous hardwood timber.

Having grown up and supported our communities in many ways, they can live on and continue to enhance our lives for generations to come.

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Visiting us
Online's great, but in person it better. You can visit us in our shop in Walthamstow, London, where we can show you timber options and discuss ideas. Or just give us a call.

We price every table separately dependent on customer requirements. As a guide our tables start at around £1,200 (including vat) for a table seating six people. As a general rule, darker timber and more expensive.

Certification and warranty
Our tables come with a Fallen & Felled logo and GPS coordinates marking the location of the tree it was made from. A certificate of provenance is provided.

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