Goodbye Saunders Seasonings

Goodbye Saunders Seasonings

Today we changed our name. Why did we do it and has anything really changed?

Today we changed our name. Why did we do it and what's changed?

First things first. We're still the same people, doing the same things. We haven't sold our souls to a hedge fund or been bought by a billionaire. We were just getting a little tired of people thinking we sell cooking spices!

But in other ways this is a big deal.

Bruce started the business because he couldn’t buy English grown timber in London. Local timber merchants only stocked imported wood and yet all the while, quietly under our noses, our city’s majestic felled trees were being chipped and burned.

Since then the climate crisis has deepened, and people are choosing increasingly to source local timber. Local now matters, low carbon now matters and every tree now matters.

But there’s a long way to go. We want to see many more London trees repurposed and develop a timber circular economy that contributes towards all our efforts to reach net zero.

Our new brand and website are designed to help us realise our company's potential, to reach out to new customers and sell not just our timber, but an idea of how the world needs to change.

Some amazing people have helped us: Neil at Outliers developed the name and brand strategy; Ross at Happy Ending created the visual identity; and Dewsign designed and built the website. 

Big thanks also to our wonderful customers and partners who've helped us get us this far. We want to continue our journey with you and keep supporting you with great timber, smiling service and a personal touch.

Thank you all,

Bruce and Patrick

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