An elm tree being loaded onto a lorry in Gibson Square London
A tree stem being loaded onto a lorry with a crane

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Fallen & Felled

We're a London-based timber company that repurposes fallen urban trees into hardwood timber and furniture.

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we're here because

We love wood. We just adore the stuff.

Every day working with beautiful local hardwoods is a joy. There's pleasure in knowing much of it will be around as furniture longer than we will.

The sad truth is that over 90% of hardwood used in the UK is imported.

And yet every year, quietly under our noses, thousands of perfectly usable trees are felled in London. Almost all of them are chipped and burned for firewood or biomass fuel for power stations. Every tree incinerated releases a tonne of carbon into the atmosphere - about the same as driving a family car for a year.

Our world urgently needs better solutions.

We save city trees from the fire - milling them into boards and slowly seasoning them for over 12 months - to transform them into furniture-grade hardwood timber. We also source some popular English species - including oak and ash which are less common in the capital - from woodlands outside London.

Our timber is used by furniture makers, architects, designers and enthusiasts - all of them as excited as we are to make things with beautiful natural materials which reconnect people to where they live.

Join them and help us give more London trees a second life.

Fallen & Felled interview with Patrick Welsh by the EBN

An interview with Patrick

It can be tricky

Extracting huge trees from tiny London streets; persuading busy people to change how they dispose of trees; and milling timber that's sometimes full of nails, shrapnel and worse.

Despite the challenges, we're excited to be a part of the 'circular economy', finding ways to recycle and add value to things our society has become used to throwing away. (For those who can remember them, we think the Wombles were well ahead of their time.)

Not just us

We're encouraged that people want to be a part of this change. The climate crisis has created a renewed enthusiam to buy locally, to support local businesses, and use materials which connect us better with the places we live and work.

We love city trees and are always sad to see their lives come to an end. We have a rule that we will never fell trees ourselves, nor will we endorse the felling of urban trees for financial gain.

Whether they die of old age, disease or to make way for city development, we look forward to the day when repurposing urban trees is considered normal, and burning a last resort.

Our hope is that in one hundred years, the trees we are repurposing today may continue to live on as objects cherished by future generations.

'What you make from a tree should be at least as miraculous as what you cut down' - Richard Powers, The Overstory

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