Paulownia tree being felled in London

We look forward to the day when all felled London trees are repurposed as a matter of course, and chipping and burning seen as a last resort. But there is still a long way to go.

Please help by letting us know of big trees which have come down in your area. We cannot take every tree but we try to save as many as we can.    

We recommend reading answers to some of the frequently asked questions below, and then getting in touch via email or using the form below. 


Image credit:
Tree felling, by Angeles Rodenas

Frequently asked Questions

We only take hardwood trees - with yew and cedar of Lebanon two exceptions. We are particular interested in London planes as they are our most popular species.

Generally, we are interested in older larger trees because they produce the most usable timber. If you can put your arms round its trunk and your fingers touch, it's probably too small!

We never cut down trees. We leave that job to qualified tree surgeons. We also never endorse cutting down trees unless there is no alternative.

Anywhere within London and the M25 generally. But for large trees in good condition we may be able to take trees from outside this area.

City trees can be tricky to access. Can we get a vehicle alongside? Is access restricted in any way – too narrow, too remote or in a back garden?

The more information you can tell is, the easier it will be for us to decide if it is viable for us to take it.

On occasion we do pay if a tree is a decent size, in good condition and we can access it. Mostly our price will depend on how much is left over after we’ve paid the cost of transport and extraction.

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