A new elm table in Theatreland

A new elm table in Theatreland

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We're delighted to have installed this handmade 16-seater solid elm table into the London headquarters of Jamie Wilson Production - the company behind Sister Act the Musical, Mrs Doubtfire and many more.

The elm timber is super-local - milled by us from a tree which died of Dutch Elm Disease in Islington, London. Most felled city trees end up as firewood, but we're on a mission to give them a second life as long-lived furniture.

The design and build is all down to our wonderful Christina and the pics below show just how much work was involved. At 3.6 metres long, the wavey join was used to split the table in two, so it could be transported to its first floor home!
Elm boardroom tableBoardroom table design drawing
Elm boards
Elm table leg construction
Elm table leg construction

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