English hardwood for sale

Hardwood timber from trees which have fallen or been felled in and around London.

Fallen & Felled is a quality hardwood timber merchant based in London. We sell a wide range of English hardwoods - available as sawn timber, individual boards, machined timber or even a whole milled tree. Our customers including furniture makers, architects and designers everywhere.

Buy individual boards online, or browse our stock timber and drop us a line for multiple board orders.

Sawn timber boards racked vertically

stock timber

Kiln dried sawn hardwood timber boards in a range of thicknesses from 25mm to 90mm.

Ash timber board

individual boards

Pick boards individually to get precisely the size and character you want. Kiln and air dried.

Machined timber boards

machined timber

Planed all round (PAR), or machined to your chosen dimensions.

Milled boule of air drying timber

Buy a tree

A selection of boards from an individual tree - with specific provenance, or a whole boule.

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